2005-08-11 - 1:41 p.m.

So my birthday was last weekend. Good times, got people together and we all went out. I was upset that some people that i really wanted to be there didnt come, but dropped that quickly and totally appreciated the people that were there. Best present was definitely the shirt Susie and Steph had made for me, it's a black t-shirt with a really cool font in white writing that says Naroch Posse. I TOTALLY love it! And im the first one to get one of the shirts!

So we went out to the mansion, I was double fisting all night cause whenever i'd like half finish a drink someone would hand me a new one! haha! Saw some people from high school (like usual) I am SOOO glad I still look good. Honestly that sounds horribly superficial and stuck up, im not gorgeous or anything, but i've kept the same shape. haha! I love seeing people i hated in high school and knowing that they're now fat. It makes me so happy, cause i know i still look good!

Afterwards Amy and Jeff crashed here, Amy and I looked through fun pics from high school, remembering the good old times!

I've had a bunch of days off from work which has been nice, but tonight im back on 10-hr nights again. ah well.

Tim got a call the other day... he's got an interview set up with the City of Pickering to be a part-time firefighter on August 24th. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! He wants this so bad. Pickering hires their full-timers from their part-timers, so this could be a huge deal. I really hope he gets it. He really deserves it. He works super hard.

My contract was extended through september which rocks. I have the first week off (the week before labour day) and Tim has it off as well, so we'll go camping and to the CNE and stuff like that. It'll be super nice. I have no idea what happens next for work though. I know they're hiring full-time permanent either in October or November, and I heard a rumour that they might be hiring 2 people. Which is amazing, cause as far as i know there arent that many applying! (by not that many, i mean i only know of myself and 1 or maybe 2 others) so those are super good odds. Haha I work with a couple of people that i know REALLY want me to get this. One who was just hired in the last round is gonna help me out w/ the studying and such. I'm gonna have to rock the interview. Full-time permanent at Whitby means im set for life. It includes benefits (which i really havent had since i was a baby) and 3-weeks of vacation to start.. AND I wouldnt have to worry about when my job is over! That's the big deal man.

I was thinking last night as i was trying to fall asleep... If i get the permanent position I could buy a house on my own. That's a huge relief. Based on what my parents pay for the house across the street I'd be fine. So that means Tim and I could very likely have a house soon. (by soon i mean within a year or so) that's totally ideal. And we wouldnt be struggling huge to pay the bills. We would be comfortable. (haha im only including mortgage/bills/food in this figure, not furniture haha!) Who cares if none of our furniture matches! I know I sure wouldnt. It just feels soo good to know that my life could actually kinda work out the way i want it to!

Speaking of which... car. As of today (i just got paid) I could start seriously looking. I've got the money now to buy a car cash. (of course not including taxes/insurance) Which is probably why i'll end up waiting until sometime in September, so that i'll definitely have all the money covered. but still. I've done it. I will be purchasing my car on my own. With NO DEBT. I f-ing rock. I'm really impressed with myself. I'm discovering that when i put my mind to something i really can achieve it.

Honestly when i started the program at school, coming out I figured i'd make half of what im currently making. If I dont get this full-time permanent position, I think i'll cry, a lot. If I have to go somewhere else for work, I would be taking a HUGE pay cut. I havent worked at the group home in like 2 months. I dont even know if im still considered an employee there. And that's no loss. For a regular day/evening shift there, I get paid $8 less per hour than i do at Whitby, and Whitby is sooo much safer, and im respected there. It's the best job ever for me.

Alright well i'll stop talking now... Hopefully Amy will be happy I updated haha! ttyl

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