who knows...
2005-09-18 - 1:34 p.m.

I dont really like writing here anymore... It has to be so censored because I know who's reading. I cant write about what i want here anymore.

Apparently Tim and I arent talking anymore. Who knows, whatever, he's moved on with his life. good luck i guess. Will I write a big entry about him? I dont know. Since were not even talking anymore there's no pressure anymore to do it. Not like he's doing any big 'final tribute' to our relationship. I dont owe him this. I have no urge to write all about him right now, to stroke his ego at the moment... He's got someone new, off happy in his world. So that's it. I just hate the fact that people keep telling me 'you'll get back together'. I think it's what they think I want to hear. In all reality, I dont. He's moved on, he's with a new girl, I highly DOUBT we'll get back together. But whatever... I'll find someone new in time as well. Life goes on...

I've found somewhere new to write... somewhere that i know exactly who is and who isnt reading. It's nice to be able to open up again.

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