101 Random things about me
2003-06-12 - 4:42 p.m.

0. I had 15 boyfriends in my 5 years of high school.
1. i think too much.
2. i don't always learn from my mistakes.
3. i'm too naive and too trusting at times.
4. My first concert was the beach boys. It was a gift from my dad for my 10th birthday.
5. I started french immersion in kindergarten and graduated high school with my french diploma.
6. I've only ever had one stitch (my wisdom tooth removal)
7. i can't act.
8. I got glasses when i was 7.
9. I got contacts when i was 15.
10. I had laser eye surgery when i was 19 and now have 20/20 vision in both eyes.
11. i've broken my left ankle and my baby toe.
12. I learned how to drive standard in a new mustang convertible.
13. I've lived my whole life w/ foster kids. (No i'm not one)
14. i loved michaelangelo, the orange ninja turtle.
15. I'm afraid of the dark.
16. i had a bubble mower.
17. i never had a power wheels (but totally wanted one)
18. i collect sand.
19. I knew how to play the bass guitar and own a nice one.
20. I'm not very flexible.
21. nearly everything in my room is blue.
22. I get headaches often.
23. Osteoperosis and Diabetes run in my family
24. i used to obsessively doodle.
25. I was on the honour role in grades 11, 12 and OAC
26. I've been to 10 funerals (My Auntie Joyce, My Uncle who was like another dad, My friend Danny, he was 14, my Uncle Lee, my Auntie Madelene, my friend Scott's dad, my friend Steve M's dad, my Pop-pop *grandpa*, my uncle Brian's and Amy's Grandmpa's)
27. i love going thrift shopping but dont do it that often.
28. i don't have a side of the bed.
29. i read advice columns.
30. I also read my horoscope.
31. i like to see boys cry.
32. I've been to 4 weddings (I've been in one)
33. i believe that you don't always get what you want, need, give, or deserve.
34. I once owned a tamagotchi.
35. i'm a good speller.
36. i've played strip-poker.
37. I dont like having even toy guns pointed at me.
38. I'm stubborn. Which, depending on the situation, can be good or bad.
39. I sleep w/ a down-filled comforter all year round.
40. i used to deliver Sears catalogues.
41. i've made my father cry.
42. I grew up w/ a dog named Candy, a bird named Cookie, and a cat named Geronimo.
43. i eat chinese food with a fork.
44. I was born on a Saturday.
45. I actually like grocery shopping.
46. i once saved my sister from drowning.
47. i get along well w/ small children.
48. I won a colouring contest once.
49. i regularly take vitamins
50. I have a tattoo on my right ankle of a red maple leaf that says 'I AM' in it.
51. I've volunteered for the Canadian Cancer Society before.
52. i placed 2nd in a soccer tournament once.
53. i still think that a band-aid will make it stop hurting.
54. my room usually looks like a tornado's gone through it.
55. i know first aid and CPR.
56. i've never used a guitar pick.
57. i was nicknamed Smurf at camp one year.
58. The next year i was nicknamed John.
59. I've read millions of babysitters club books and even tried starting up my own babysitters club.
60. I believe in God.
61. i used to collect pogs.
62. I am VERY proud to be Canadian.
63. I love lego.
64. I get excited when i get a cool new article of clothing.
65. My background includes Irish, Scottish and English.
66. i had strawberry daiquiris on the beach in the bahamas
67. i cant remember the last time i attended a church service.
68. When I was about 9 i won tickets on the radio to a theatre production of Grease.
69. I've lived in the same house since i was born.
70. i want to visit a psychic.
71. I'm pro-choice.
72. I think feet are really ugly.
73. I was in the Pickering Santa Claus parade for many years as a child.
74. im a cat person
75. i was attacked by 2 rottweilers at the age of 8. My mom later took them to court and after discovering they attacked another little girl, 1 was put down.
76. i like spam.
77. I'm VERY against drinking and driving.
78. i love tea.
79. i talk in my sleep.
80. i've got a birthmark on my left arm.
81. i lost a ring that was specially made for me at Loblaws.
82. I was given an exact replica of the ring many years later for my 13th b/day and still have it.
83. I got my first thong at the age of 17.
84. i've skinny-dipped.
85. I cant sing, but still try, very loud at times.
86. i cant dance, but dont really care as it's fun.
87. The first time I went on a plane was to Nassau, Bahamas. I was 16.
88. When i was 17, i went on a Carnival cruise through the eastern Carribean. We visited the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas *my favourite*.
89. i dont think i could go w/ out eating meat.
90. I have a pointy tongue.
91. Longest phone convo ever? 5 hrs w/ Nate
92. runner up? 4 hrs w/ Matt D. (they were best friends)
93. I get excited when i discover famous ppl are canadian, especially if they're from the GTA.
94. i've never failed a class.
95. I've never had a detention in my life.
96. I've never been suspended.
97. i was arrested once. (but never charged)
98. I attended 4 senior proms while in high school.
99. I arrived at my gr 8 grad in an ambulance.
100. I love little kids and babies.
101. I once had the Baby Think it Over for an entire weekend.

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