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2003-11-30 - 3:49 p.m.

Tim- The boyfriend. We've been dating since February 5th 2002. He's the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. Tim's currently working full-time as a Nuclear Operator in training at the Pickering Power Plant.

Tim's Family-

Cindy- Tim's mom.

Tim- More often referred to as Tim's dad just because it's less confusing.

Adam- Tim's brother. Funny kid. Always has some great stories for us.

Nicole-Tim's sister. Funny girl, really nice.

School friends-

Bailey- a friend from school. She's a really good person and is dating Keegan.

Tanya- Tanya's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.

Megan- Megan and i seem to have a lot of the same views for the future. She's really sweet and very funny.

Flavia- Flavia is great. She's also funny and has changed so much in the year and a 1/2 i've known her.

Cory- Cory thinks he's a ladies man even though the rest of us don't. He's a nice guy. "What's up bud?"

Kelly- Nice girl, dating Mark.

Holly- Nice girl.

Naroch Posse

Steph- Steph was my babysitter as a child. She's a great girl who's always there to talk.

Susie- Steph's younger sister. She's gonna be a fashion designer. Cute and spunky.

Jill- Lots of fun, was also my babysitter.

Mike- My mom babysat Mike when he was younger so we grew up like brother and sister. He's a great guy with a sweet ass apartment.

Gregg- While Gregg isnt actually a member of the Naroch Posse, he's dating Steph and used to live with Mike, so he's always around. Good guy.

Other friends

Crystal- Crystal was in Tim's firefighting program in college. She's nice, dating Travis.

Travis- Travis moved to Pickering from BC to work as a nuclear operator at the plant. Him and Tim met there and hit it off right away. He's a really great guy and he now lives with Mike in their sweet ass apartment.

Amy- Amy and i were bestest friends for years, then we just grew apart. We still talk often on MSN.

Tawnya- Tawnya's funny. Ahh the memories of Tawnya and Lindsay day and nights-o-fun!

Tarah- Tawnya's little sister. Totally sweet girl who's there for you no matter what.

Robin- Robin was my best friend in high school. We barely talk now, but have a million amazing memories.

Steve M.- Steve and i went out for a whole 2 weeks back in grade 10. He's a funny guy who's good to be around.

Beck- Beck used to work with Tim but he transferred to Darlington. Good looking guy that EVERY girl drools over.

Vander- Vander also used to work with Tim but transferred to Darlington with Beck. Really funny guy. Dating Denise.

Angela- She found me probably about 5 years ago now on ICQ. She was searching for another Lindsay Green. She became my best internet friend and we've hung out a few times in person since. Great girl, really pretty!

Lindsay Green- Lindsay has the same name as me, that's how she found me about a year and a 1/2 ago on icq. She lives in Ohio and is a great girl. I hope to meet her one day!

The Psycho Neighbours- If you're facing my house, they live to the left. They give me lots of funny stuff to write about.

More will be added as time goes on. If i've forgotten you im really sorry, let me know!

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